Giving Back

 SGI is aware that with our success comes social responsibility. While we actively look for good people to hire, we also want to give back to the community in which we live. SGI donates a percentage of its net profits every year to local outreach non-profits that help give people hope and a helping hand. SGI is proud to support  Beverly Bootstraps, whose motto “embrace - educate - empower” fits well with SGI’s values. Beverly Bootstraps Community Services supports people in financial crisis and empowers them to become self-sufficient.

SGI is also a proud corporate sponsor of The Spaulding Educational Fund, a private, community-based organization that makes strategic investments in compelling educational initiatives in the Manchester-Essex Massachusetts Regional School District.

Another foundation that SGI sponsors is the International House Of Blues Foundation (IHOBF).  IHOBF is dedicated to bringing the arts to schools and communities through programs that promote cultural understanding and encourage creative expression. Established in 1993, the IHOBF reaches thousands of students and teachers annually with programs that: 1) teach about American culture and history through blues music and folk art, 2) highlight African American cultural contributions, 3) explore connections and cross-influences between diverse cultures, 4) support teachers in integrating arts and cultural content into classroom curriculums, 5) provide arts learning experiences for youth, and 6) emphasize the importance of the arts in personal and community life.