SGI’s Mission

Our mission is to provide customers with a safe haven to buy and sell electronic components worldwide.

As one of the world’s largest independent distributors, we have narrowed our focus to three core values:

  1. Provide validated quality parts
  2. Provide them on or before our customers’ delivery requirements
  3. Supply them at a fair price

Today we supply these components to manufacturers in the Telecom, Medical Device, Consumer Products, and Military & Defense Industries from our headquarters and warehouses in Beverly, Massachusetts, as well as from our satellite offices in Guadalajara, Taipei, Manila, and Penang.

Whether you are buying or selling electronic components, our company has the financial means and technological ability to provide a customized solution to your needs.


While we can not predict the future, we can assure you SGI will be ready for whatever events develop. SGI is owned by the Glidden & Williams Trust whose roots run to the 1800’s when they ran one of the most successful clipper ship lines in America . The Glidden & Williams Company transported goods and people on the Boston to San Francisco run and then on to China and back. Glidden & Williams is described in Samuel Eliot Morison's "Maritime History of Massachusetts" as the greatest clipper firm operating out of Boston to California (1840s-50s). We understood back then that we had to deliver product and ensure safe passage for thousands of people. Those underlying values are the reason that SGI is still prospering in today's market.