Quality Process

One of the most important aspects of our Quality Process is the consistency in which we execute upon those processes that we have pioneered, defined and documented as part of our Quality Management System. This intangible quality element is what makes our quality process the best in the industry.

SGI will never sacrifice quantity for quality. We take the time to put our products through our standard process in order to properly authenticate and qualify them prior to shipment. If we encounter quality issues we fully disclose them to our customers.

Our robust and proprietary quality process which we utilize to authenticate and qualify our products along with the experience of our IDEA Certified Professional Component Inspectors enable SGI to make prudent and sound decisions to approve or fail components for quality. This equates to almost perfect execution and allowed SG Industries employees to maintain and order accuracy rate in 2009 of 99.75%.

We believe in the simple formula that
“Employees + Process + Execution = Customer Satisfaction”

Every order that is processed through our QA Department goes through our proprietary 3 Tier Approval Process to confirm accuracy, authenticity and product quality. Multiple digital images are then captured, stored and retained indefinitely. We have over 8 years of digital images of hundreds of thousands of components that depict every imaginable type of condition from new, to used, to fraudulently altered and re-manufactured. This reference library is pivotal element and tool that we use in making our quality decisions and determinations.

The relationships we have forged with our unique sources of supply enable our buyers to source with confidence on behalf of our customers. We are in constant review of our supply base and our zero tolerance policy for counterfeit components ensures that only the best suppliers remain on our approved supplier list within our proprietary vendor rating system. Regardless of our source of supply albeit franchise distribution, OEM/CM excess or authorized independent distributors, every component we purchase goes through our standard and scrupulous inspection and qualification process to confirm authenticity and quality.

Quality Metrics

As part of our QMS Management Review Procedure, we routinely measure the outputs of our processes to ensure we are meeting or exceeding our annual quality objectives that drive our customer satisfaction. We measure metrics such as the number of customer returns, numbers of customer orders and line items shipped, reasons for returns and ownership, total quantity of items shipped total quantity returned, total ppm rejected by customers number of supplier purchase orders, number of line items rejected, total quantity of items received and rejected, ppm rejected upon inspection and the dollar value of customer RMA’s as a percentage of sales. We measure those metrics and then perform GAP analysis against the quality results versus the objective we set. Corrective actions are then discussed and implemented to improve those processes identified as under performing in the analysis. This is the catalyst that drives our continuous improvement customer satisfaction model.