Quality Policy

“SG Industries, Inc. is committed to providing uncompromising service to all of our customers and will strive to meet or exceed our annual quality objectives”

Quality Assurance at SG Industries is not just a job. Quality Assurance is value that is mandated from our CEO down through the entire organization and engrained within our corporate culture. We are sensitive to our customer’s needs and requirements and strive to consistently provide them with only the best products and services that our market offers.

Every employee fully understands the effect that their individual role has on overall quality and customer satisfaction. As a team we strive to meet and exceed our annual quality objectives and provide our customers with unmatched and uncompromising service.

We know our customers need accurate information the first time around. We strive to commit and deliver on the expectations that we present to our customers. We know that the expectations that we present to our customers are then translated into their forecast for production.

We also know our customers cannot risk receiving substandard or counterfeit products. With over a quarter century of quality experience, our Quality Assurance Staff have pioneered, developed and implemented the processes, systems, equipment and resources required to ensure that counterfeit and substandard components never make it to our customer’s site.

Our IDEA Certified Component Inspectors in conjunction with sales and operations management are empowered to make the final call to either ship or not ship customers orders based on their quality findings upon inspection. This level of empowerment is yet another value that is engrained within our corporate culture and enables us to continuously exceed our annual quality objectives.

We understand that now more than ever the concerns our customers have with getting the right product at the right time at the best possible price and our employees work tirelessly in making that happen. We know that this is what will bring us repeat business with our customers. SG Industries is “Where the Quality Is™.”