Sourcing Services and Solutions

Obsolete, End of Life and Allocated Components Solutions

SG Industries specializes in locating obsolete, end of life and allocated components. We have spent decades forging relationships in the OEM and CEM community in order to build our unique and diverse supply model. These relationships, coupled with our proprietary sourcing knowledgebase, enable us to often procure these components helping you to resolve your materials planning problems and keep your production line running. Our approved sources of supply are qualified to ensure that the quality of the components we are sourcing is new and authentic. Whatever your particular supply chain dilemma is, SG Industries possesses the proficiency, knowledge and diversity to resolve it.

Some of SG Industries Obsolete, EOL and Allocated Component Services and Solutions include:

  • Pre-Approved Sources of Supply
  • Transactional Anonymity
  • Robust Diversity in the Supply Chain
  • Best in Quality
  • Competitive pricing

Cost Savings Solutions

In order to remain competitive in today’s business climate, it is essential for manufacturers to provide manufacturing solutions to their customers that are not only on time and best in quality, they must be cost effective. Cost reduction is at the core of increasing competitiveness, increasing profitability and gaining market share and repeat business over the competition.

SG Industries unique blend of OEM and CEM supplier relationships and procurement models enable us to procure a wide array of board level components at excellent pricing. We in turn pass on the cost savings to our customers. This results in our customers recognizing significant cost savings and greater profitability all the while receiving best in quality products.

Last Time Buy Solutions

SG Industries understands the impact that product obsolescence has in the manufacturing world today. Plain and simple, technological life cycles continue to shorten. Now more than ever manufacturers need to accurately forecast their component supply in order to meet their production requirements and manufacturing deadlines while avoiding tying up critical financial capital.
SG Industries offers our customers creative and flexible product scheduling solutions to assist them in managing their component supply forecasts. SG Industries will take a stock position of last time buy components on our customer’s behalf and schedule to ship to our customers based on their production demand. This enables our customers to free up valuable cash assets, redirect personnel on other critical initiatives and save money on internal soft costs while remaining confident in the future supply and quality of their last time buy technologies.

Some of SG Industries LTB Sourcing Services include:

  • Best in Quality Products
  • Reduction of internal soft costs
  • Increased financial viability
  • Robust Diversity in the Supply Chain
  • Competitive Pricing